Interior Windows Photography Backgrounds Wedding Photography Backdrops

Interior Windows Photography Backgrounds Wedding Photography Backdrops

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Package: Yes
Type: Spray Painted
Fabric: thick cloth(no wrinkles,washable,reuse)
For: Wedding backdrops

White Interior Windows

Make your wedding photos stand out from the crowd with our gorgeous White Interior Windows backdrop. It has stunning background of white windows on a white floor, giving your wedding photos a classic, clean and stylish look.

Our White Interior Windows backdrop is printed using a process which ensures that the image is realistic, and vivid. We use a single, whole piece of high quality material. It’s resistant to light, and as it’s a whole piece, there’s no unsightly seam. This material is non-wrinkle, and it can be washed and ironed. It’s perfect for professional photographers and studios, because it can be used over again. It’s equally perfect for couples who want to source their own make drop and make their photos a little more personal for them.

The backdrop is suitable for use with a backdrop stand, clips and other photographic equipment. If there’s no access to a backdrop stand or clips, we would recommend that it is taped to a wall or other flat surface.

We have a full range of sizes available, which means that you can select the size which will best suit your venue, or studio. If you need a custom size, you can contact us.